Fire Up GX


Fire Up GX is a total body cardio and strength based fitness format created by fitness pro Nina Carr.Benefits to Fire Up GX™?· Cardiovascular stamina and endurance· Burns fat· Mood booster· Increasing learn muscle and added strength· Improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being· Joint mobility to improve flexibility and function· Core exercises to help prevent injury

Fire Up GX Programs

92877_bBUxEr.jpg Fire Up GX is a total body cardio and strength based fitness format created by fitness pro Nina Carr. Benefits to Fire Up GXâ„¢:

Our Mission
To help ignite a fire in every person who experiences a Fire Up GX workout to become mentally, physically + spiritually stronger. Nina, her husband Will, and their Squad will not only get you into shape, but make you feel like one of the team with every workout.
Our Purpose
Inspire and connect with individuals in a live group setting or through virtual training classes. Break our participants down in a safe & effective way, therefore helping to build them back up mentally and physically stronger than they were before.
Made for All Fitness Levels
Group fitness presents different challenges to each individual based on their current fitness ability. Each Fire Up Workout provides an option to supplement the ability of the individual protecting their safety, health, and still provide an amazing workout.

Why Clients Love Fire Up GX

"Before I met Nina Car, I was overweight and now I workout three to four times per week. I have lost over 33 pounds and 76 inches off of my waist."
Teresa Coleman 
"When I first started, I could barely do one pushup. I kept up my effort, kept coming, pushed through it.I've been in Nina's Fire Up Test Group and have lost 20 pounds!"
Colby Holley
"I'm 62 years old and since I have been doing Nina's Fire Up GX Programs I have gained strength in my arms, developed more confidence, and I have shredded inches off of my waist."
Renee Cooke 

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